Operation Market Garden

In September, our programming is all about Operation Market Garden. We are going to take a closer look at war tracks that have remained in the landscape of our region, we will broadcast a moving documentary about the veteran Alexander ‘Sandy’ Cortmann and you can watch various commemorations live on TV Gelderland.

About Operation Market Garden
Operation Market Garden was the largest airborne operation up to that point in World War II. The aim was to acquire the bridges over the Maas, Waal and Rhine in the Netherlands. Market Garden was a daring plan by British Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery. It was operated by English, American and Polish airborne troops and three divisions of ground forces.

A bridge too far
Operation Market Garden was very ambitious, but failed due to bad weather conditions and fierce German resistance, especially at the John Frost Bridge in Arnhem. And that wasn’t the only problem of the operation. Communication problems, the difficult advance of the ground troops and errors in the high command also cause the failure. After the successful Battle of Nijmegen, the Allies failed to capture the last bridge at Arnhem; it became the proverbial "bridge too far".

TV Guide

September 18 & 19 | Bridge to Liberation Experience 
September 18 at 8.30 pm and September 19 from 5.20 (repeated in two parts) 
This year you will experience Bridge to Liberation on screen. An experience with music, special effects, film and dance takes you in a spectacular way into true personal stories at the time of the Battle of Arnhem. 

Live TV broadcasts of the commemorations can be seen daily during the weekend of September 18-20.
September 18 at 18.40 pm - Remembrance Service Eusebiuskerk
September 18 at 19.30 pm - Airborne Commemoration Ceremony
September 19 at 11.00 am - Commemoration Ginkelse Heide
September 19 at 15.00 pm - Commemoration Driel
September 20 at 10.00 am - Commemoration Airborne Cemetery Oosterbeek 

The commemorations and Bridge to Liberation can also be followed via our livestream on Facebook, YouTube, website and app.

from 6 September to 4 October | Op oorlogspad met Maarten van Rossem (On the war path with Maarten van Rossem)
Every Sunday at 5.20 pm (repeated every hour) 
Maarten takes you along the traces that Operation Market Garden has left in the landscape. On the basis of an old map, Maarten explains where the fighting took place and why exactly there. Together with an expert, he brings the war tracks to light.

Maarten was born in 1943. During the bombing of Wageningen he was in his pram in the garden, where bombs and grenades flew past him. As many as 37 people were killed, Maarten survived. He later discovered correspondence between some of his relatives at the time. Maarten van Rossem decided to turn these letters into a book, focusing on Operation Market Garden.

From 7 September tot 17 September | Vrij zonder grenzen (Free without borders)
Every day at 5.20 pm
A remarkable report about how the Dutch and Germans remembered the war and dealt with each other in the past decades and towards the future. Free without borders is produced in collaboration with the German channel Studio 47.

September 15 | documentary Sandy, the lost veteran
5.20 pm (repeated every hour)
An impressive documentary about former veteran Alexander ‘Sandy’ Cortmann. In 1944, at the age of 22, Sandy volunteered for a secret mission, which turned out to be Operation Market Garden. Last year, at the age of 96, Sandy attended the commemoration of Operation Market Garden for the first time in 75 years. Sandy passed away in May 2020 at the age of 97.
Missed the documentary? Watch Uitzending Gemist.